Retired Police Dogs Lancashire has been established to assist handlers and adoptees with paying for vet fees and other essential comforts so that the dog can stay with the family it loves and trusts.

When a police dog retires from service it does not receive any financial assistance or Pension from the Constabulary, the handler/owner is responsible for its ongoing care which often can be for many years. Most working dogs are not able to be insured and many retire with injuries requiring ongoing medication.

The Lancashire Retired Police Dog Benevolent Fund was set up in 2004 after a need was identified by the Constabulary volunteer animal welfare team for some financial support to adoptees and handlers, it was the first of its kind in the Country. The Fund is made up of a whole host of different people from all walks of life, some are retired police officers/handlers, some serving officers & some volunteer members of the public with a passion for the care of our retired police dogs. We also work very closely with Lancashire Constabulary Dog Unit who assist where possible with a variety of events, fund raising and general day to day flow of information.

Our team pride ourselves in being experts in different types of fund raising. We attend various events with our stall selling merchandise and nearly always bring some of our dogs along for everyone to meet, some of us are seasoned bakers!, we will attend as speakers to dinners or other events and almost every year we produce a calendar which is one of our biggest fund raisers!!

Over the years we have assisted numerous dogs and their families with a whole host of issues whether that be just advice or an ear to listen or with paying for vet bills, we will never turn anyone away who is in need with one of our retired dogs!

We have also assisted numerous other Constabularies around the UK in setting up similar schemes for these worthy “non pensioned officers” with four legs.
Anyone interested in our work is welcome to contact any of our members, we are always looking for volunteers to help at our events whether this be on a regular basis or just a a one off.

We survive solely on donations, legacies and fundraising events so if anyone has any ideas on how we can raise money please do get in touch.